Monday, February 25, 2019

Blue Spring Eco-Tour

Saturday was a beautiful day to be on the water! It's just too bad that those Eco-Tours frown on bringing fishing gear on board. It's hard to be on the water for hours and not being allowed to make a single cast!!

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Buddy System

This is why the buddy system is necessary when kayak fishing in Florida! They are fascinating creatures from a distance, but my biggest fear is that we'll both try to catch the same fish!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Standing streamside

Scrolling through some pictures and just thought this one had a cool look to it. Standing streamside and looking back at the truck with the mountain heading up above it. Man, I miss those mountains.

Monday, February 11, 2019

All I had with me was saltwater gear!

All I had with me was saltwater gear, but I couldn't resist making a few casts into the Upper Chattahoochee River above Helen while I was in north Georgia last week. That water was high, but crystal clear!! It was such a gorgeous day, if I didn't have previous plans, I would've head deeper into the National Forest and checked some of my old favorite spots!

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Oliver White, Nervous Waters -- TFFS ATL 2019

Enjoyed a fascinating presentation on bonefishing the Bahamas with Oliver White. Go ahead and add this trip to the bucket list!

Author Jim Mize -- TFFS ATL 2019

Author Jim Mize read an excerpt from his book, A Creek Trickles Through It, after giving pro tips on making your catch seem larger in stories and photos! I may have to test a few of his techniques... I'm sure a lot of folks on Instagram already have!!

Chattahoochee River Keepers. -- TFFS ATL 2019

The folks that protect this amazing urban fishery have been hard at it signing up new members!

Seigler Reels -- TFFS ATL 2019

The Seigler Reels booth has stayed very busy throughout the show. Stop by and check out their award winning line of big game fly reels!

Tyer's Row -- TFFS ATL 2019

Tyer's Row has been a hotbed of activity all morning!!

Bob Clouser -- TFFS ATL 2019

Bob Clouser demonstrating casting techniques on the casting pond!

Santee Boats -- TFFS ATL 2019

Checking out the Santee Boats booth. Great looking skiffs with some awesome option packages and rigged to order! The full led light package is a great touch!

River Through Atlanta -- TFFS ATL 2019

Catching James mid-donut and David tying up some bugs in the River Through Atlanta booth! These guys are the pros for fishing the Chattahoochee River and all of North Georgia!

Unicoi Outfitters -- TFFS ATL 2019

The Unicoi Outfitters booth is very popular this morning!! Mafe sure you get in on the raffle for a Nacoochee Bend self-guided trip!!

Mauser Fly Fishing -- TFFS ATL 2019

Made a stop at the Mauser Fly Fishing booth to check out the new Arete line of trout rods! Their first rod line, The Waterman, was an incredible casting rod, so I have no doubt the Arete will be equally adept!! The guys at Mauser have some great plans for the near future, so it's definitely a brand to watch!!

Dave Whitlock -- TFFS ATL 2019

Legend Dave Whitlock demontrating the tying techniques that go into his Vortex Divers.

The Sisters On The Fly -- TFFS ATL 2019

The Sisters On The Fly are showing one of their incredible, vintage travel trailers!

Fly Fishers International -- TFFS ATL 2019

Morning of Day 2 at the Atlanta Fly Fishing Show! The Fly Fishers International booth is alreading buzzing with new tyers learning the fly tying basics!

Friday, February 01, 2019

Bluegrass Trio -- IF4 TFFS ATL 2019

Enjoying some mountain music while we wait for the IF4 to begin!!

Brook Trout Presentation -- TFFS ATL 2019

I was a little late, but thoroughly enjoyed Steve Hudson's presentation on fishing for brook trout! Look for his new book on the subject scheduled to be released in a few weeks!!

Mark Keller, creator of Eflyz -- TFFS ATL 2019

Talked a little shop with Mark Keller, celebrity fly tyer and creator of the Eflyz. There's still a couple slots open on the Eflyz species board that I think I'm going to try to fill in this year!! Check out these amazing hardbody flies for yourself!!

The Original Ty-Rite -- TFFS ATL 2019

Got to hang out a bit and catch up with Mark in the Original Ty-Rite booth!! This is one of those awesome little products that you don't think you need until you use one! It's the cure for small flies and cold fingers!!

Author Steve Hudson -- TFFS ATL 2019

Author Steve Hudson having fun talking north Georgia fly fishing and signing his books!

The Angling Bookstore -- TFFS ATL 2019

The Angling Bookstore (@anglingbookstore) is now on Instagram!! Give them a follow for one of the best selections of fly fishing publications going!!

Towee Boats -- TFFS ATL 2019

I really like the look and feel of these Towee Boats skiffs!! And, there's really no better endorsement for a product than to get to speak with the owner/designer at these shows! Stop on by and meet Todd and tell him The Suburban Angler sent you!

Stealth Craft Boats -- TFFS ATL 2019

Lots to drool over in the Stealth Craft Boats booth!

ARC Fishing --TFFS ATL 2019

ARC Fishing is here for their first Atlanta The Fly Fishing Show!! Stop by and get the rundown on their innovations in fly line, leaders and tippets. They've got some fantastic show deals going on right now, too!

Alpharetta Outfitters -- TFFS ATL 2019

Alpharetta Outfitters has some great deals today on clothes, gear, guided trips and destinations! Don't miss this booth!!

Yeti Coolers -- TFFS ATL 2019

Checking out some cool new products in the Yeti Coolers booth! The waterproof blanket and folding chairs would be perfect for the camper and the tote bag and wheeled cooler look ideal for surf casting sessions!!

It's showtime!!! TFFS ATL 2019