Hey Guys,
Pipe break while fishing Frogtown Creek.
  I guess this is the part of the blog where I'm supposed to write some kind of autobiography.  The problem is, I am the thing that I have the most trouble writing (or talking) about.  I've loved fishing for most of my life and I've had an interest in fly fishing since my early teens, but never really got serious about it.  After a bit of a health scare in early 2013 I decided to get more serious about fly fishing and to try my hand at blogging to keep track of my progress. Fly fishing has become one of my passions.  I read about it, watch videos on it and think about it whenever I'm at work or school.  I just wish I could get out and fish more often!  I live north of Atlanta, Georgia, just far enough from the mountains to make it tough to get to the trout streams, but I live near the Chattahoochee River and Lake Lanier.  I purchased a kayak over the summer so I take that out to the Lake pretty often.  I'm still just a beginner, so I haven't built up the nerve to take it in the river yet, but I will, that's a goal for the coming summer.
  While you're on the blog check out the tabs at the top.  In addition to my love of fly fishing, I'm an avid pipe smoker which you can see on The Angler's Pipes and I've started honing my woodworking skills and post projects to The Angler's Workshop. 
  Thanks for visiting, please check back often.
     Tight lines and happy fishing!

Nicholas R. Hisey


  1. Hey Nick! Great blog. I look forward to reading more of it. I'm up in Suwanee/Sugar Hill area. We should go fishing together soon I'm also interested in your secondary hobby you mention there. ;)

  2. Hey Nick! Great blog here. Some very interesting articles. I also live in the same area as you (Sugar Hill/Suwanee) so we should meet up and go fishing sometime. I'm also interested in your other mentioned hobby, though I don't yet know much about it.

    1. Thanks ACR! I'm glad you like it! I'd be happy to fish with you sometime and I'm happy to pass on any knowledge I have of any of my hobbies!