Tuesday, December 17, 2019

MCFF Tying Meeting - December 2019

Last night's MCFF Tying Meeting was a discussion on sparse-ness when tying Closer Minnows! Mine could still use a little work...

Sunday, December 01, 2019

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Iron Fly - IFTD 2019

Packing both sides of the tables at this year's Iron Fly! The largest yet!!

Hatch Reels - IFTD 2019

 This is pretty incredible, this is the Hatch Reels display case that was on the counter at East End Lodge when Hurricane Dorian hit. The intact reel case was one of the few objects salvaged from the wreckage. Hatch Reels is taking the case around the country on the show circuit to help raise money for the lodge and its employees. Such an amazing artifact to see in person and drop a few bucks into.

Douglas Outdoors - IFTD 2019

Lots of things going on in the Douglas booth this year! They're stepping into the entry level market with a new rod to retail around $130! And, after doing so well in the 6 Weight Rod Shootout, they have entered a 5 weight that's doing very well! Congrats to the folks at Douglas!

TenkaraUSA - IFTD 2019

TenkaraUSA has just celebrated their 10th anniversary, so, to celebrate, they've released a limited edition 10th Anniversary tenkara rod!

IFTD 2019 Day 2!

 Let's do this!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Map the Xperience - IFTD 2019

Map the Xperience is a cartography company that is printing river maps on fabrics as well as traditional laminated paper. The map products can be rebranded for fly shops, customized to specific areas and include a QR code to download a digital version to your smartphone! Very cool idea, you should never be without a map!

Lyons Press/Stackpole Books - IFTD 2019

Added a few more titles to my reading list in the Lyons Press/Stackpole Books booth. Kirk Dietrich's Tying Bugs is now high on that list!!

Riversmith - IFTD 2019

I took an up close look at the Riversmith Riverquiver 2- and 4-Banger rod carriers. Lots of thought has gone into these with the goal of being the best available! The new black finish is sharp! And, the anti-theft design on the box will keep rods and reels secure!

O'Pros Fly Fishing Booth - IFTD 2019

Checked out the products in the O'Pros Fly Fishing Booth. New this year is the Third Hand rod holder, they also have a neoprene wader belt designed to better support the Third Hand , as well as several shapes of fly patch for your hat!

Shilton Reels - IFTD 2019

I got a hands-on look at the Shilton Reels now being distributed in the US by Flymen Fishing Co. Made and developed in South Africa, these reels were designed to stop ANY gamefish!!

Sight Line Provisions - IFTD 2019

I really love the materials, designs and aesthetics used by Sight Line Provisions! They've released new pendants, designs and materials this year, definitely worth a look! I really need to get one of their bluegill!!!

Outcast Sporting Gear - IFTD 2019

Outcast Sporting Gear has finally released their own inflatable kayak! Designed after years of experience with inflatable drift boats, belly boats and pontoons, the IK Angler is packed with proven features and design!

Rep Your Water booth - IFTD 2019

Always gotta swing through the Rep Your Water booth. They've got some great new designs out this year!

Galvan Fly Reels - IFTD 2019

The good folks at Galvan Fly Reels are here demonstrating some new sizes of the awesome Grip line of reels!

Troutscout Outfitters - IFTD 2019

I was introduced to these new strike indicators this morning. The Troutscout indicator is a really unique design that captures your leader in the hinge of the floating plastic, snap-close box. With the hinge being offset, the indicator actually points to the location of your fly! Check them out!!

Wind River Gear - IFTD 2019

Wind River Gear is an excellent resource for entomology gear if you want to take your flyfishing to the next level!

The Gerber booth! - IFTD 2019

I always enjoy checking out the new products in the Gerber booth!

Made it!!!

Made it to IFTD 2019!!!

Summit Proof

A very rare "selfie", just to prove I made it to the summit of Pikes Peak!

Friday, October 11, 2019

Shilton Reels - Flymen Fishing Co. Press Release


Press Release: Flymen Fishing Co. to distribute Shilton Reels

Charleston, S.C. — October 11, 2019. Flymen Fishing Company and Shilton Reels announced a new collaborative partnership in which Flymen will distribute Shilton Reels in the USA fly fishing market debuting at IFTD 2019 in Denver, Colorado.
Shilton is a high-quality renowned South African brand that produces fly reels known for their innovative clutch system that makes them ideal for fighting the strongest and toughest gamefish in the world, both in freshwater and saltwater.
Trusted by guides worldwide in some of the toughest fishing conditions, such as the Seychelles, Shilton Reels were previously unavailable in the US market. Due to rising recognition and demand, Shilton and Flymen formed a partnership to bring Shilton Reels to the US.
"Flymen is a company built around innovation and creating the next generation of fly fishing products to take fly fishing to the next level," said Martin Bawden, founder of Flymen Fishing Company and head product designer. "Shilton Reels fits right in with what our customers count on us for – top of the line innovative fly fishing products. We believe this new offering of Shilton Reels will bring great value to our customers."
"We are very excited to have Flymen Fishing Company appointed as our USA distributor," said Murray Pedder, Head of Sales in South Africa for Shilton Reels. "Without a doubt, the USA market is the biggest in the world when it comes to fly fishing equipment and it was critical for us to have the right company to represent the Shilton brand. Flymen is that company!"
"We first met Tony Frittelli, the man behind Shilton, in 2000 and he presented to us his first design, a black CL. Since then Tony has built a full range of exceptionally engineered, worldclass fly fishing reels which includes the CR range, SL range, and latest edition, the SR range. Through the many reputable guiding and travel operations in Southern Africa, such as Alphonse Fly Fishing Company and Tourette, Shilton Reels have proved themselves over and over again in the field in stopping and landing serious gamefish. It has always been Tony's goal to offer his exceptional product to the global market and we are thrilled that Shilton Reels will now are available to fly fishermen in the USA and South America."
For those attending IFTD, you can find Flymen Fishing Company at booth #406.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Monday, September 23, 2019

Camper Shakedown

Getting the new camper prepped for it's shakedown run to north Georgia for the Down the Hatch film festival this weekend! Hoping all goes well so I can leave for Colorado the following week. Where did this year go?! I'll have a handful of stickers and buttons at the films, if you want one just ask! Hope to see lots of you there!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

I'm a sucker for old books!

I'm a sucker for old books at bargain prices! Managed to score these cheap from ebay and while their condition is far from mint, the Lee Wulff book has an unbroken spine and the Complete Book of Fly Tying is actually a first addition! I haven't had much time for reading lately (and I'm way behind on book reviews for the website), but these will be added to the stack and enjoyed in time!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Saying Goodbye to The Pup

The Pup  --  2018 Cherokee by Forest River Wolf Pup 16FQ
The New Rig  --  2020 Grand Design Imagine 2670MK

We said goodbye to a dear friend this past weekend.  I really can't think of a better way for us to have dipped our toes into the RVing lifestyle.  We were only together for just under two years, but The Pup traveled with us from the Florida Keys to the North Georgia Mountains and from St. Augustine to Pensacola.  Over 80 nights of camping, around 30 trips in 21 months, The Pup provided us with shelter, a cool respite from bugs, a warm, dry place to sleep, meals, conveniences, office space, and adventures and it will always have a special place in our hearts.  However, our trips are becoming longer and further from home and a little more elbow room (and the ability to stand up straight in the shower!!) has taken precedence.  On Saturday we joined the Grand Design family by taking delivery of a 2020 Imagine 2670MK!  This new camper is roomier and better appointed than several of my previous apartments, all of the comforts of home (including an actual desk, a dedicated work space while on the road!) and, while much larger than the 16' Wolf Pup, is still small enough to be maneuverable and fit in most National Park campgrounds.  We're going to miss The Pup, it was such a fun, little camper, but I know we're going to love this new Imagine!  If you see us on the road make sure you throw up a wave! .

Monday, August 19, 2019

MCFF Fly Tying Meeting - August 2019

In tonight's MCFF Fly Tying Meeting Capt. Dick Withey shared a proven effective tarpon fly, the Tarpon Gurgler! Before we began tying, Capt. Dick went over the situations in which to use the fly, how the fly should be presented to tarpon, how to work the fly to trigger a bite response and variations of colors and materials of the fly itself. If you're interested in learning more about fly tying and fly fishing I encourage you to join us! The Mid Coast Fly Fishers meet in New Smyrna Beach on the second and third Monday of each month!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Mid-Coast Fly Fishers - August 2019

Tonight's Mid-Coast Fly Fishers meeting focused on seasonal outboard maintenance with a demonstration led by Capt. Frank Brownell. Lot's of great information shared!!

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Redfish Seaducer

Trying to recreate a fly I saw on Pinterest. They called it a Redfish Seaducer. The Seaducer is one of my favorite saltwater flies to tie and fish, so I'm hoping this variation will be successful!

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Relaxing Saturday

A good way to round out a relaxing Saturday! I've been enjoying Tom Rosenbauer's newly revised and updated Orvis Fly-Tying Guide. It's full of background information on tying tools, materials and techniques, as well as step by step instructions and page after page of fly recipes. Please let me know any questions you may have about the book and I'll be sure to address them in the full review!

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Tampa Bay On The Fly

While in Tampa, I had to seek out a fly shop and Tampa Bay On The Fly inside the Minnows & Monsters tackle shop is top notch!! They've got a fantastic fly tying section (with weekly tying classes!) and a growing assortment of rods, reels and gear. I hope to come back and visit again someday, but I really look forward to seeing them at IFTD in a couple months! If you're in the area stop by and tell them I sent you!

Friday, July 26, 2019

Outdoor Life Field & Stream Expo

We had a great afternoon walking the Outdoor Life Field & Stream Expo this afternoon! The show was mostly geared toward hunting, but there were a few fishing tackle retailers there and even one that had a handful of flies! Lots of neat products to see, but it's been so long since I've had an opportunity to hunt, it definitely made me want to get back into the field!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Worldwide Survival Systems Ditch Packs, ICAST 2019

The survivalist in me really enjoyed checking out these Worldwide Survival Systems Ditch Packs. From a small, single hiker/kayaker pack up to the huge Poseidon 950 4 person/4+ day, 50 pound waterproof case, they've pretty much got you covered in any on the water emergencies!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Rod Vault ST, ICAST 2019

Working on orgainizing my pictures from ICAST 2019 and ran across some that never got posted. Like this new Rod Vault ST from the folks at Denver Outfitters. They've been making their fly rod carriers for quite a while now, but the ST is designed to carry 6 mid-size spinning and casting rods.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Outdoor Life Field & Stream Expo Lakeland, FL

I'll be attending the Outdoor Life Field & Stream Expo in Lakeland, FL next weekend looking for any flyfishing gear or related outdoor products. I'll be live posting from the show floor, so be sure to follow along!

Monday, July 15, 2019

MCFF Fly Tying Meeting, July 2019

We had a great night at this month's Mid Coast Fly Fishers Fly Tying Meeting! Emmett Pizzo continued his series of technique focused instruction, with tonight's topic being crab fly bodies. We practiced deer hair stacking, spinning and shaping; dubbing brush use and shaping (with a brief talk on creating your own); and tying yarn-bodied crab flies. While the group practiced the techniques, Emmett continued to elaborate, encourage and offer additional techniques and optional accoutrements to increase the success of our crab flies! If you're in the New Smyrna Beach area, I encourage you to attend an MCFF General or Tying meeting. There's always something new to learn and knowledge has never made anyone a worse fisherman!

Friday, July 12, 2019

Pelican Kayaks, ICAST 2019

Some really cool new boats in the Pelican booth, like this Catch 130H. Unfortunately, I never got a tour, so all I know is it's 12'6", weighs 78 pounds and has a capacity of over 400 pounds.

Cast 'N Catch, ICAST 2019

Checking out a demo of the new Cast 'N Catch app. An educational fishing game designed to get more kids involved in the sport. Through the genorosity of their corporate sponsors, points are earned in the game that can be redeemed for real fishing gear, encouraging kids to get outside and put their new found knowledge to use! Currently still in beta, but if you have, know or are a kid, make sure to check it out. I strongly encouraged them to include fly gear, so, hopefully, that will be adopted in a later update!

Yak Attack, ICAST2019

Some new products being released from the folks at Yak Attack including these 90° brackets and t-track adapters.

Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman, ICAST 2019

This new Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman fishing canoe weighs under 60 pounds! Almost 20 pounds lighter than my current kayak! It's designed to be paddled like a kayak, with a low mounted kayak-style padded seat. It's equiped with rod holders and accessory rails from the factory.


The CCA booth has been hopping for the entire show!

Sage Sport 160, ICAST 2019

How gorgeous is this Sage Sport 160? A new boat with a long history, the product of 50 years of refinement in Florida's waterways combined with modern materials, methods and Colorado craftsmanship. It can be rowed, paddled, stand-up paddled, poled, motored, possibly sailed and car-topped!

WarthogUSA, ICAST 2019

Here's a different take on a knife sharpener from WarthogUSA. A spring loaded, adjustable angle diamond sharpener with a stainless steel hone.