Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Favorite Softgoods from IFTD and ICAST 2015

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  I'm going to try to do the IFTD posts a little differently this year.  I'm going to break up the posts into product categories, such as Softgoods, Rods, Reels, Line and Accessories.  I'll start with this post and Softgoods, let's see how it goes!  These are just some of my favorite products and companies as far as clothes and packs that were at IFTD this year.
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Orvis had some great looking jackets and waders on display, but, as usual, their booth was packed and this was the only photo I could get.  I do love this hat, though!

I got to spend some time talking to Chris Hart about Vedavoo gear and, man, the passion in this company definitely radiates from it's employees!

Getting some hands-on time with these fine products really piqued my interest.  The thought that goes into every piece is very impressive.  Kind of like if I were to make this stuff for myself, just with way better quality!!

See the awl on the right side of the bench?  Chris put that through a piece of the canvas Vedavoo use for their gear.  He then scratched at the fabric until the hole completely disappeared!  Very impressive, and I think it would hold up well against rhododendron!

On display at this year's IFTD show, some of the packs had been hand painted by some of the most popular fishing artists around.  The packs are to be auctioned off later for charity!

The Souplefly folks had some really cool products and T-shirt designs at the show.  The Bug Visor and Bug Visor Lite organizers and the hats with fly patches were really good ideas!  The origin story for the name is pretty cool, too (check it out, it's on the website).

Western Rise

I was so glad to meet the folks behind Western Rise.  I've been following them on social media for a while and they post some of the most beautiful pictures to feature their products.  I love the vintage vibe that their clothing all has.

Such a cool hat from Eric Estrada Art, the design is called Back Country Camo.  His awesome artwork is on everything from hats to SUPs!!

I'm a hat guy, if you haven't noticed already, these are my three favorites, in order, from RepYourWater.  

Bean's has some nice looking new clothes and packs coming out for 2016 like this Ultralight Packable Wading Jacket.  It packs down smaller than a Nalgene bottle, the perfect size to keep in a sling pack.

Again with the hats!  The vintage feel of this one is sharp!!!

The L.L. Bean Rapid River Lumbar Pack.  The folks in Freeport have worked hard to reduce snag points on their gear.  The cover for the fly patch is simple, but genius!

They also had a good looking vest pack and sling pack, both, also, under the Rapid River line.

Made in Colorado!

More than 25 stock designs, plus custom printing available.

I picked out this one to try.  I'll let you know what I think after I've worn it a few times!

I've been an adopted Southerner for a long time now, and I lived for a while in the South Carolina Low Country where HeyBo Southern hails from.  I really dig the southern salt water designs and having been called "Hey Bo!" many times, I could relate to the name!!!

Some really nice technical clothing from Kast Extreme Fishing Gear.  I really like their ventilated fishing shirts that don't look like everyone else's ventilated fishing shirts.  And the best part, they carry my size!!!

And they have some sweet hats! That brown one with the off centered trout patch is sharp!

Flood Tide Co. has some of the coolest logos and artwork going!  The Little Girl and I are both partial to the Fighting Fiddler!

Some booths were so busy they were tough to get pictures in, even when being shown all the products by one of the top guys!  Umpqua has gone through doing redesigns and updates to all their packs.  The Surveyor 2000 would be perfect for a quick overnight fly fishing trip in the mountains or a fantastic carry-on bag for my next long distance trip!

Cablz Eyewear Retention has come out with a new glasses retainer made from fly line.  Nice and light and the length is easily adjustable.  

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