Saturday, July 27, 2019

Tampa Bay On The Fly

While in Tampa, I had to seek out a fly shop and Tampa Bay On The Fly inside the Minnows & Monsters tackle shop is top notch!! They've got a fantastic fly tying section (with weekly tying classes!) and a growing assortment of rods, reels and gear. I hope to come back and visit again someday, but I really look forward to seeing them at IFTD in a couple months! If you're in the area stop by and tell them I sent you!

Friday, July 26, 2019

Outdoor Life Field & Stream Expo

We had a great afternoon walking the Outdoor Life Field & Stream Expo this afternoon! The show was mostly geared toward hunting, but there were a few fishing tackle retailers there and even one that had a handful of flies! Lots of neat products to see, but it's been so long since I've had an opportunity to hunt, it definitely made me want to get back into the field!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Worldwide Survival Systems Ditch Packs, ICAST 2019

The survivalist in me really enjoyed checking out these Worldwide Survival Systems Ditch Packs. From a small, single hiker/kayaker pack up to the huge Poseidon 950 4 person/4+ day, 50 pound waterproof case, they've pretty much got you covered in any on the water emergencies!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Rod Vault ST, ICAST 2019

Working on orgainizing my pictures from ICAST 2019 and ran across some that never got posted. Like this new Rod Vault ST from the folks at Denver Outfitters. They've been making their fly rod carriers for quite a while now, but the ST is designed to carry 6 mid-size spinning and casting rods.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Outdoor Life Field & Stream Expo Lakeland, FL

I'll be attending the Outdoor Life Field & Stream Expo in Lakeland, FL next weekend looking for any flyfishing gear or related outdoor products. I'll be live posting from the show floor, so be sure to follow along!

Monday, July 15, 2019

MCFF Fly Tying Meeting, July 2019

We had a great night at this month's Mid Coast Fly Fishers Fly Tying Meeting! Emmett Pizzo continued his series of technique focused instruction, with tonight's topic being crab fly bodies. We practiced deer hair stacking, spinning and shaping; dubbing brush use and shaping (with a brief talk on creating your own); and tying yarn-bodied crab flies. While the group practiced the techniques, Emmett continued to elaborate, encourage and offer additional techniques and optional accoutrements to increase the success of our crab flies! If you're in the New Smyrna Beach area, I encourage you to attend an MCFF General or Tying meeting. There's always something new to learn and knowledge has never made anyone a worse fisherman!

Friday, July 12, 2019

Pelican Kayaks, ICAST 2019

Some really cool new boats in the Pelican booth, like this Catch 130H. Unfortunately, I never got a tour, so all I know is it's 12'6", weighs 78 pounds and has a capacity of over 400 pounds.

Cast 'N Catch, ICAST 2019

Checking out a demo of the new Cast 'N Catch app. An educational fishing game designed to get more kids involved in the sport. Through the genorosity of their corporate sponsors, points are earned in the game that can be redeemed for real fishing gear, encouraging kids to get outside and put their new found knowledge to use! Currently still in beta, but if you have, know or are a kid, make sure to check it out. I strongly encouraged them to include fly gear, so, hopefully, that will be adopted in a later update!

Yak Attack, ICAST2019

Some new products being released from the folks at Yak Attack including these 90° brackets and t-track adapters.

Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman, ICAST 2019

This new Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman fishing canoe weighs under 60 pounds! Almost 20 pounds lighter than my current kayak! It's designed to be paddled like a kayak, with a low mounted kayak-style padded seat. It's equiped with rod holders and accessory rails from the factory.


The CCA booth has been hopping for the entire show!

Sage Sport 160, ICAST 2019

How gorgeous is this Sage Sport 160? A new boat with a long history, the product of 50 years of refinement in Florida's waterways combined with modern materials, methods and Colorado craftsmanship. It can be rowed, paddled, stand-up paddled, poled, motored, possibly sailed and car-topped!

WarthogUSA, ICAST 2019

Here's a different take on a knife sharpener from WarthogUSA. A spring loaded, adjustable angle diamond sharpener with a stainless steel hone.

Vibe Shearwater 125, ICAST 2019

I was given a tour of the new Shearwater 125 prototype from Vibe Kayaks. This boat is designed to be an all-day fishing machine!! Packed with cool features, but the four position seat that converts to a raised casting platform really impressed me! Look for it to be released early 2020.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Maxxon Outfitters , ICAST 2019

It took two days and 18 miles of show floor walking, but I finally managed to find a booth of all fly fishing gear! Maxxon Outfitters is a direct to consumer manufacturer that has introduced a new saltwater rod series, the Salish, and a fully sealed saltwater reel the SDP. Not to mention their existing lines of rods, reels, lines, boats and accessories. Make sure you check them out!

Limited Edition Bonafide Kayaks, ICAST 2019

Taking a look at the new limited edition designs of the Bonafide kayaks. I'm partial to the BK-25 and the Tiki, myself! .

Castek, ICAST 2019

I was finally able to beat the crowd at the Castek booth. They call this rod rack a "Wall to Water" system, because it hangs on the wall for storage, becomes a securd carrier for transport and the deploys legs to make a sturdy rod stand at the water. Such a fantastic idea! And, it'll hold flyrods, I checked!

Best Fly Reel Award Seigler SF, ICAST 2019

Got a closer look at the new, ICAST Best Fly Reel Award winning, Seigler SF. A 6-8 weight fly reel packed with all of the Seigler strength and innovation!

Brella Brella, ICAST 2019

Checking out a new design in rainwear at the Brella booth! Waterproof, windproof, beathable, adjustable and packable are just the features I feel like typing out!

Maven Fishing, ICAST 2019

I made it over to the folks at Maven Fishing to get a closer look at their new Mission fly rod. Available from 7'6" 3 weight up to 9' 10 weight all fast action rods with a retro style. Don't assume they are new to the game, the folks at Maven have been creating some of the most popular rod blanks in the European and US markets for almost 20 years!

FishAngler, ICAST 2019

Thanks to the folks at FishAngler for introducing me to their app and for a couple of quick tutorials! This app is seriously feature packed! I've already downloaded it and will set up a page as soon as I get a chance. Any of you guys already use it? .

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, ICAST 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed the South Florida Coral and Seagrass panel discussion hosted by the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership! It was so refreshing hearing optimism and positivity from a discussion like this. One of my favorite statements was that "Sportsmen and women are the ambassadors of our natural resources."

Johnny Boats, ICAST 2019

Built for guys that just want to fish, Johnny Boats are a cross between a kayak and a john boat! Available fully optioned, including a 3 horse outboard, for under $3000. The Bass 100 model, in base configuration, will retail around $900!

Georgia DNR, ICAST 2019

Talking native brook trout with one of Georgia's fisheries biologists in the Georgia DNR booth!

Yakima DoubleHaul, ICAST 2019

Glad to see Yakima release a roof top fly rod storage solution! The Double Haul can accomodate 4 rods up to 12-weight, fully rigged! By sliding the rods in sideways it keeps pressure and wear off the guides.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Danco Fishing Pliers, ICAST 2019

The Danco Wall of Fishing Pliers! Aluminum, stainless and titanium construction, in more colors and patterns than you can shake a stick at! Now with military and first responder motifs!

Hawaiian Island Creations Sunglasses, ICAST 2019

Got to check out a new line of sunglasses from Hawaiian Island Creations, an established surfing company in Hawaii. 42 styles of men's and women's polarized sunglasses with a lifetime warranty and an under $50 price point!

XtraTuf Tuna Sashimi Demo, ICAST2019

XtraTuf is celebrating the launch of their new Black Legacy Boot with a tuna sashimi cutting demo and Dark and Stormy cocktails! Yes, please!

G. Loomis Musky Rod, ICAST 2019

I visited the G. Loomis booth to find their new Musky rod. This stick is packed with all the features that those freshwater predator fishermen have been asking for! Extra, larger and stronger guides, strong backbone and a rubber/cork composite grip designed to help with the figure eights by the boat! .

Hook & Gaff, ICAST 2019

I got a closer look at the beautiful new Field and King Tide watches from Hook & Gaff. The Field Watch was designed with flyfishermen and upland hunters in mind utilizing a more subdued color palette. The King Tide watch features an analog Tide Clock good for both east and west coast tides. All the Hook & Gaff watches are feature packed!

Scotty Kayak Fishing Starter Pack, ICAST 2019

Checking out the new products in the Scotty booth, like this Kayak Fishing Starter Pack, a five piece set of some of their most popular add ons.

St. Croix Imperial Salt Rods, ICAST 2019

Getting a closer look at the new Imperial Salt rods from St. Croix! Great feel in hand on this rod, now I need to cast one!

LL Bean, ICAST 2019

Many thanks to the folks at LL Bean for hosting another delicious luncheon!

Casting Tank, ICAST 2019

Always glad to see these guys in the casting tanks!

TFO Axiom II-X and NXT Black Label, ICAST 2019

Seeking out the fly gear!! TFO introduced two new fly rods at last night's New Product Showcase, the Axiom II-X saltwater rods and the NXT Black Label freshwater rods.

Sea-Doo Fish Pro, ICAST 2019

Here's another shot of the Sea-Doo Fish Pro, a jet ski built for fishing! Oversized fuel tank and trolling modes are two of the features that caught my eye!

Gruv Fishing Tungsten Vault, ICAST 2019

Stopped by the Gruv Fishing booth to check out the new Tungsten Vault and visit some old friends. Their line of silicon tackle management boxes are revolutionizing lure storage!

Plano Guide Series, ICAST 2019

I really like the aesthetics of the new Plano Guide Series of packs and bags!

Wilderness Systems Patrol 120, ICAST 2019

This is the new Wilderness Systems Patrol 120. 12' long, 38" wide, weighs 80lbs and has a capacity of 450lbs!!

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

The Boats and Watercraft Category, New Product Showcase ICAST2019

The Boats and Watercraft category had quite a lot of entries this year! This is only a sampling! Kayaks, SUPs, inflatables, skiffs and even a Jet Ski were on display!

Fly Line, New Product Showcase ICAST 2019

Cortland had the only fly line that I could find in the New Product Showcase. The Redfish line is a two-tone, floating, saltwater fly line from their Tropic Plus series. I'll definitely be tracking this one down on the show floor!

Line Cutterz, New Product Showcase ICAST 2019

They might not replace your nippers on fine tippet, but I can see these Peel and Stick Line Cutterz being very handy for warmwater and saltwater flyfishing. Particularly stuck in a convenient spot on a fishing kayak!

Fly Fishing Accessories, ICAST 2019 New Product Showcase

Here's the entries for the Fly Fishing Accessories category: A Simms Deep Creek Z Sling Pack, Harvest Tackle Co. Bamboo Fly Box, Yakima Double Haul Roof Top Fly Rod Carrier and American Tackle Company MW12 Stripping Guide. Definitely some neat stuff!

Flyreels, New Product Showcase ICAST 2019

Cortland, Pflueger, TFO and Seigler were the flyreels in the ICAST 2019 New Product Showcase! I'll seek these out on the show floor and share any information I can about them!

Fly Rods, New Product Showcase ICAST 2019

Here's two shots of all the fly rods in the 2019 ICAST New Product Showcase! Cortland, Maven, Fenwick, St. Croix, TFO, G. Loomis and Cyberfishing. I'm excited to learn more about each one!

New Product Showcase Preview Reception, ICAST 2019

Made it to the New Product Showcase Preview Reception, in spite of traffic on I-4!!! This area, quite literally, holds thousands of the newest, latest and greatest fishing products from all over the world!

Sunday, July 07, 2019

ICAST Prep 2019

Getting the camper ready for the trip over to ICAST this week! I'll be posting from the show floor as always, seeking out anything fly fishing related! Make sure you follow along! Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see or know more about and I'll do my best to make it happen!

Wednesday, July 03, 2019


Managed to catch a nice little snook off the dock tonight before the lightning ran me in! Wish I'd been using a 5 weight, but it feels good to have fishy hands again. Hopefully, more tomorrow!