Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Six Gun Territory Reunion


We spent a beautiful morning on Saturday at the Kirby Family Farm attending the Six Gun Territory Reunion! Six Gun Territory was a Wild West themed amusement park in Silver Springs, Florida that closed in 1984. Some of the original cast members (and park goers) come together a few times a year to celebrate the memory of the park and as a fund raiser for the Farm's outreach programs. We saw an impressive original collection of era firearms, took a ride on the steam train (just like the park had), witnessed a shotgun wedding, saw a blacksmith demonstration and saw Wild West justice dispensed right out on Main Street! We had a ball and look forward to going again!


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Monday, April 17, 2023

MCFF Fly Tying Night - 17 April 2023

 We had a great turnout at tonight's MCFF Fly Tying Night! Carl Sanders led the group in tying one of club president Capt. Dick Withey's favorite crab patterns! This fly was a challenge even for our seasoned tyers, but, I'm proud to say, we had several beginners that toughed it out and tied this crab as their first fly!! We have a Tying Night the third Monday of every month and we're always happy to help folks learn a new pattern or introduce beginners to the passion of fly tying! I'll be glad to save a seat for you!


Monday, April 10, 2023

Mid-Coast Fly Fishers - 10 April 2023

 Little lighter crowd at tonight's Mid-Coast Fly Fishers meeting, presumably due to the inclement weather. Learning great news for the future of the club, some fantastic Captains' reports and, despite the rain, we had three new casters (and potential new members!!) receiving some casting instruction on the lawn!