Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Mess of Bluegill

Mornin' Folks,
  I've got a bunch of fish pictures for you today.  I caught all these (and a few more I couldn't get photos of) in about a two hour window on Sunday evening.  In that time I was able to bring 20 fish to hand!  Some, naturally, bigger than others, but catching a fish every other cast is always a ball, no matter the size.  I was using the "popper-dropper" setup that's outlined in Steve Hudson's book "Bream Bugs".  I think it was right around 50/50 on taking the popper or the dropper.  For the popper I used a Betts Fancy Grade Bluegill Popper in white and for the dropper (because of the submerged cover) I went through several assorted nymphs that I had in my box.  One thing Steve stresses in the book is that trout flies aren't just for trout! Look for a full review of the book "Bream Bugs" to appear on the blog soon! 
  Enjoy the pictures, and for size reference, I wear a size 16 ring!
    Tight Lines!