Friday, August 19, 2016

Wish I'd been there to shake his hand!

Wish I'd been there to shake his hand! My buddy David, @simichiamodavide, pulled a trophy out of the Chattahoochee River yesterday while fishing with Chris Scalley from @river_through_atlanta. David's been working the river hard and all that time invested definitely paid off!! ・・・ After months of putting in hours on my beloved tail water, waking up at 5 am to fish before work, countless Chattahoochee baptisms, cut hands from tying streamers for big fish, bottles of Advil, packs of ice, and who knows how many flies sacrificed to river bottom I was lucky enough to hook into a 27 inch brown trout in a River through Atlanta boat with Chris Scalley! I feel so lucky to not only have caught a beautiful fish but to have done so in a boat with Chris, a master of the river, friend, and mentor.

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