Monday, October 05, 2015

Norcross Gun Club and Range

Mornin' Folks,
  The weather has been pretty lousy for fishing around here lately. Hurricane Jaoquin stalled around Bermuda and has really walloped the Carolinas with rain. Our thoughts go out to all of our friends that have been affected by the flooding. Here in North Georgia we've gotten some rain and minor flooding, just enough to make fishing iffy. So, this weekend, instead of wetting a line, I met a buddy at the Norcross Gun Club and Range to do a bit of target shooting.
  This was my first visit to this range and I very much enjoyed it. The range area is comprised of 14 shooting lanes in two rooms, each with an electric target trolley. The block walls between each booth were covered in an acoustic material to reduce the noise and there were several cans provided to recycle brass, foam cartridge dividers and paper boxes and targets.
  There is a small "pro shop" style store that has a nice selection of firearms for purchase, range ammo, paper targets and any other supplies you may need for an afternoon of punching holes in paper.  The Norcross Gun Range also has a large number of firearms for rent, from handguns to long guns, and the reasonable rental fee is for the day, not for the piece, so you can try every gun on the rack for one price.
  I thoroughly enjoyed my time, shooting my beloved Ruger GP100 .357. I will definitely be returning to the range very soon, I've spent way too much time away from the shooting hobby. With an all day range fee of $18, the limiting factor is only the high cost of ammunition we're all dealing with.
  I hope you're all doing well.
    Tight Lines and Happy Shooting,

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