Tuesday, December 06, 2022

SJK Roadhouse Screen Tarp

Now that I've gotten my truck back and the tropics have finally decided to calm down a bit, I was able to get out and do some initial testing on the SJK Roadhouse Screen Tarp. First pitch was fairly intuitive and it went up pretty quickly. Much easier with help than solo, but I'll see if that can be improved upon with further testing. It seems sturdy and well made, the screen mesh is silky soft with a very tight weave and the reflective runners in the provided guy lines are a very thoughtful feature that I usually have to add to tents myself! I'd say if you're in the market for such a shelter, the SJK Roadhouse Screen Tarp is definitely worth your consideration. I'll give updates as testing continues and plan to do a writeup on TheSuburbanAngler.com soon.

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