Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Norway Trip 2015 no. 3

Evenin' Folks,
  I've got some more scenery photos from our trip.  I hope you're not sick of them yet!  I'll have more fishing posts up soon.
  Tight lines,

More stunning scenery from the train traveling from Bergen to Oslo.
The end of a fjord off in the distance.  I loved the shadow of the clouds on the mountainside. 
So many places here that I could easily and happily call home!
The Oslo Cathedral was originally built here in 1694.  This corner sculpture was brought from the first church in Oslo and, if memory serves, is getting close to being 1000 years old! Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of the church!
The only fish I saw in Oslo, that wasn't on a plate or in a grocer's case!
Built in 1825 and containing 173 rooms, this is Norway's Royal palace.
I love all the masts in the harbor.  No idea who the person is that walked into my shot, but it just seemed to work.
Walls of the 13th century Akershus Fortress.
The Alfred Nobel museum, the father of dynamite and the founder of the Nobel Peace Prize.
11pm overlooking Oslo in the rain.
I was quite admittedly fascinated with the fact that we had an operable window...on the 7th floor!
Another beautiful sailing ship in the Oslo harbor.
A Loft Storehouse from around 1750 located at the Norsk Folkemuseum.  Many old buildings were moved to the grounds to be preserved.
A Stave Church ca. 1200!
The interior of the Stave Church was far more ornate and decorated than I expected.
The detail is incredible.  Those small portholes are the only source of light inside the church.
Amazingly intricate carving around the door.
There is a small working farm within the Folkemuseum!

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