Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Photos from IFTD and iCAST Day 4

I finally managed to get the last group of ICAST/IFTD photos captioned!  I still have more that I haven't posted yet, I'm going to try to highlight some of the booths that I really liked at the show.  Hopefully these pictures will tide you guys over for a while!
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  Thanks, Tight Lines!
Evenin' Folks,
  I know I promised to caption these photos once I got home from the IFTD show. I'm still working on it, I promise. Things have been busy here since returning from Florida. So, as consolation, I offer up more original photos from the 2014 IFTD and iCAST show. Please enjoy!
  Tight Lines!

Native Watercraft had a bunch of their kayaks on display.  They almost look like canoe/kayak hybrids!
Speaking of hybrids, these little hybrid kayak/drift boats from Nucanoe looked pretty sweet!
TFO had a booth jam-packed with rods.  I loved the look of all these different grips lined up in the rack.
Hobie Kayaks, the kayak you pedal! The new tandem model they introduced looks like it could be an awful lot of fun!
It was nice to see a booth from Georgia DNR at the show.  
This map shows all the fishing related companies that call Georgia home.  I was tempted to tack a Suburban Angler business card up near the Oyster Bamboo Rods sticker!
The size and shape of these Ion video cameras seems like they'd be more practical for all sorts of sportsmen to record their adventures.
I want the camo one!
They're about the same size and weight as a chunky little LED flashlight.  Definitely on my wish list!
WTP, Inc had some really cool looking self adhesive products for lure making, I think these eyes can cross over to fly tying pretty easily!
They had too many products to fit the whole booth in one shot!
All of the WTP products are made right here in the USA, too!
Redington had a huge booth with loads of awesome products on display.  I've got to try one of these Butter Sticks real soon!
This picture shows maybe a quarter of the rods Redington had on display.
Redington also had a nice display of their own reels.
A 6' 2" 2-weight Butter Stick, I had to get a close up!
A Canadian group called Mouche had a fishing cabin/lounge set up as their booth.  Check them out on Facebook, it's a really cool concept of passing on flies on the water that they were successful.
Nikko is a soft plastic bait company out of Japan.  While not necessarily for the fly angler, the minute detail of these plastics, I think, could be integrated into more realistic flies.
The front doors of the show, taken on the last day.  I had such an amazing time, I can't wait to go back next year!
Just a beautiful truck in the parking lot.  Oh yeah, it belongs to the Spanish Fly!

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